by Wafiy. 

After 3 years of Pandemic, I head to my first hike, one of the well-known trails in Selangor, Malaysia, Kemensah Off Road Trails. A total of 16KM Loop Distance, the trail covered from - Bukit Pau - Bukit Tajoh - Bukit Pau - Lubuk Tedung.

The trails is one of the moderate trails for me, which took a total of 8 hours of Hiking. 

The route is popular among the locals because of its flat road. It is winding and will go through farms and orchards. The trail is quite muddy in some places especially in the rainy season. There are several rest areas along this route maintained by the locals. As this route is in a forest area, don't forget to bring insect repellant, wear comfortable hiking shoes and bring enough drinking water. 


The view in the morning was very nice and breezy. I would personally recommend this trail for beginners to start off their outdoor journey. 

*Theres a campsite called Dusun Tok Lee at Bukit Pau where u can drink fresh coconut water for RM5 while enjoying the view from bukit Pau.

September 13, 2022