by Dicky. 

After years of gap from hiking break due to Pandemic, I headed for my first hike at Mount Gede or Gunung Gede, which is a stratovolcano in West Java, Indonesia. The volcano contains two peaks; Mount Gede itself and Mount Pangrango. With an elevation of 3,008 m. 

As it located near Jakarta, this volcano is one of the most favorite weekend getaways or hiking adventure for outdoor enthusiasts who’re living in Jakarta. 

We started our journey from the gate of the Jungle. (Pictured below)

The route started from Lego Leunca to the Gerbang Surya Kencana, which turned out to be one of the most steep and uphill that I've experienced. Nevertheless, it was an awesome journey up once we've reached Surya Kencan. 

Greeted with an extraordinary view, a wide field surrounded by hills that's just breathtaking.


We, then continued a short distance to reach Puncak Gede and the next day, went down via the Cibodas route which was dominated by steep rocks (as seen above). No matter how or what, it was still a fulfilling journey with the team.  



September 07, 2022