by Hafiz Pauzan. 

31st July, my first hike after a long break, and I've decided to hike Mount Nuang, in Hulu Langat Selangor.

Mount Nuang is located in Malaysia with the height of 1,493 metres. Its peak borders Pahang and Selangor state and is close to the Pahang-Selangor-Negeri Sembilan border tripoint. The mountain itself is the second highest point in Selangor and part of the Titiwangsa Mountains. 

There are 2 ways to reach the peak of the mountain. You can either go by Pangsun or by Janda Baik. Janda Baik is the easier route. Pangsun was the challenge, I chose for myself.

I started at 4.30am in the morning, and reached the peak at 10.50am. It was foggy and windy at the summit, so there wasn't much scenery. My luck was that I was the earliest person to reach and managed to meet the well-known tame squirrel.

As we were heading down, it started raining, which left some hikers stuck as the trail turns into a drain of rainwater.  At 5.15 pm, I reached the starting point.

There is a significant amount of strength involved in this hike, as you'll have to use both your leg strength and your hand muscles to pull yourself up and hold the rope. In some places, you will have to climb with your knee touching your chest. In addition, you will also have to test your stability crossing rivers.


The climb to the summit will be an amazing experience for anyone who succeeds! There is no regret.

September 15, 2022