Tube BBQ Grill M


Ease of use Height 80 cm! Easy to clean multifunctional stainless steel grill.

Total weight: (approx.) 3.5kg Size
: [Assembled] (approx.) Width 79× Depth 53× Height 42/80cm

[Grill net] (approx.) Length 43.5×Width 29.5cm

Storage size: (Approx.) Length 35.5× Width 57× Height 18cm

main body, grilling net, wire loss, Easy cleaning cover, storage bag
Main material: stainless steel, steel, aluminium

・ Height 80 cm for easy cooking!
・ Easy charcoal addition slide fire bed

・ Easy cleaning with chin cover

・ Easy quick 1 minute assembly

・ Firepower adjustable in 2 stages
・ with storage bag

* Due to the characteristics of the assembled product, the size after assembly is not constant. The size listed is a guide.

* Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
* The photo may differ from the actual shape, size, and color.