Teslin-Mesh Bucket Chair


The seat surface is made of Teslin mesh with excellent water resistance, stain resistance, and breathability. It does not get stuffy or sticky even when sitting in wet conditions and is useful for use near waters such as the sea and rivers and during sports. The X-shaped leg frame made of light and durable 7001 aluminum alloy provides excellent stability. It can be stored compactly.

Total weight: (approx.) 1.2 kg Size: (approx.) height 68 × width 48 × depth 54 cm (seat height 37 cm)

Storage size: (approx.) length 13 × width 32 × height 13 cm Load
capacity: (approx.) 120 kg

Composition: main body, storage bag
Main material: Teslin mesh, 7001 aluminum alloy

・Hammock-like seating comfort

・Teslin mesh with excellent water and stain resistance

・Outstanding breathability ・X-shaped leg frame

・Light and durable 7001 aluminum alloy
・ Stability of 4-point hold
・ Compact storage

* Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
* The photo may differ from the actual shape, size, and color.