SAYORI WADA Picnic Sheet


Collaboration product with SAYORI WADA, leisure sheet with original pattern graphic

〈Design〉 A must-have for
outdoor and leisure, a leisure seat that can be easily carried around. The overall pattern graphic of "Into Green", which depicts jumping into the green, is dropped to create a finish unique to the collaboration with SAYORI WADA. It is active in various scenes such as barbecues, picnics, and vacations. It is just the right size for two people and is ideal for a little outing such as a park.
With the theme of "OUT AND ABOUT" (= go out and be active), this collection is filled with the desire to spend a simple time in nature at such a time. Please enjoy the unique worldview created by combining the cheerful works of SAYORI WADA and the personality of CHUMS.

〈Product specifications〉 
・ 2 cm × 100 cm size
・ A sense of size that can be used comfortably by two adults.
・ Loops are provided at the four corners and pegs can be
・ Both the main body and the storage bag are printed

with booby birds 【SAYORI WADA】
Illustrator based in Switzerland from Tokyo. It features free and bold lines.
Music, fashion, food and beverage, etc., Japan clients not only in Japan but also around the world. In recent years, he has collaborated with Nestlé, major Swiss banks, and restaurants throughout Europe, expanding his field of activity.

Size Details

H 140 X W 100 cm

Item Details

Material: Polyester 100% (PVC Coating)