Rosy Fire Pit Grill


Just unfold the stands! A charcoal cooktop that can be used easily.

A cooking stove that uses charcoal, which is easier to adjust the heat power than firewood. You can easily enjoy cooking using hot pot.

Gross weight: (approx.) 1.7 kg Size: [Assembled] (Approx.) Width 56× Depth 23× Height 23cm [Gotoku] (Approx.) Width 31.3× Depth 21cm

Storage size: (Approx.) Width 32.5× Depth 23 × Height 5.5 cm
Load capacity: (Approx.) 3 kg

Configuration: Body, Gotok, Rostru
Main material: Steel
performance / Features:
・ Easy-to-use charcoal cooktop
・ You can cook by placing a pot or kettle on the attached gotoku

・ Thin storage with a thickness of about 6 cm