LOGOS Bucket Hat


Product introduction


Waterproof hat with excellent moisture permeability and water resistance

In addition to moisture permeability that prevents stuffiness, the bucket hat is waterproof and water resistant to rain. Size adjustable inside.
It has a highly functional, simple and easy-to-coordinate design.
■Styling It is an item that can be widely used not only for
outdoor use, but also for outdoor festivals and everyday use.
■Material: Made of
high-performance moisture-permeable waterproof fabric. The seams are treated with seam tape and have a water pressure resistance of 15,000 mm, making it safe even in heavy rain.

Clothing specialized for commuting and outside work "LOGOS by LIPNER"

LOGOS by LIPNER is clothing made by applying the "technology and function" such as waterproofing, cold protection, and durability cultivated over many years by the outdoor brand LOGOS.
By pursuing ease of movement and comfort as workwear, we have realized a lineup that is active in a wide range of scenes.

Main features of "LOGOS by LIPNER"

1) [Water repellent treatment] ... It is a process that coats the surface of the fabric, forms a ball of water, and repels it with a roll.
Not only does it repel water, but it also repels mud stains, so it also has an antifouling effect, and since the gaps in the fabric grain are not blocked, air and steam pass through.

2) [Waterproof]... LIPNER's waterproof is a function that does not allow water to pass through.
It prevents water leakage and does not allow water to pass through even in heavy rain.
Instead of surface processing, the fabric itself is made of a material that does not allow water to pass through, and various treatments are applied to the back of the fabric.
Values that do not allow water to pass through are expressed as water pressure resistance.
LIPNER waterproofing prevents water from entering by blocking the areas where water can pass through with tape/seam tape to prevent water from entering.

Product Specs

Color: Black

Size: F 55-60cm
Main material: 100%
polyester Water pressure: 15,000mm or more Moisture
permeability: 15,000g/m2 or more

●Uses high-performance moisture-permeable waterproof fabric -Smooth wearing comfort because 3 layers of fabric are used
-Safe even in heavy rain because seam tape treatment of seams - Size adjustment function on the inside of the hat

* Product specifications are subject to change without notice.