KHT Recycle Bag In Bag


KEEN HYBRID. TRANSPORT Eco shoulder bag made from recycled nylon.

Made from 3 denier recycled nylon, it is lightweight and has excellent portability. PU coating is applied to ensure excellent water repellency.

Stretch material is used for the storage pocket, allowing quick loading and unloading.

  • Dimensions:  W32 × H38 x D6
  • Lightweight and excellent portability using heavy recycled nylon;
  • PU coating ensures excellent water repellency;
  • Stretch material is used for the storage pocket for quick loading and unloading.

When cleaning, use a detergent suitable for water-repellent products and do not leave wet items for a long time as it may cause color transfer. When cleaning, wash your hands and avoid using bleach. Avoid using a dryer and dry in a well-ventilated shade with the opening widened.