Enamel Soup Mug


You can use an open fire that is perfect for camping! Heat-resistant enamel mug

The Rayleigh enamel series has a retro atmosphere with an original logo design in navy on a gentle color of white. "Rayleigh" means "camp" in Finnish.
The enamel mug, which has excellent heat resistance and durability, has a capacity of 400 ml that is easy to place on a mini table. It uses a thick iron plate that is resistant to heat, so it can be used to heat drinks over an open flame or when cooking. It is also characterized by its hard smell.
★400ml ★ open flame OK

Product Specs

Total weight: (approx.) 170g

Size: (approx.) Width 9× Depth 12× Height 8cm Capacity
: (Approx.) 400ml
Main material: Steel (enamel processing)
Performance / Features ・Made of heat-resistant enamel

・Direct heating is also possible by using a thick iron plate

* Product specifications are subject to change without notice.