Camper Folding Container


Perfect for storing camping goods and interiors! Folding container with capacity 45L

A folding container with a capacity of 45L that combines functionality and design. Available in three colors with CHUMS-like coloring, the design has a retro feel. The embossed CHUMS logo on the left and right sides and the back of the bottom is accented. Up to 3 pieces can be stacked, so you can align them in the same color or different colors ◎

〈Product specifications〉 ・ Capacity: about 3 L
・ Load capacity: about 45 kg
・ Recommended for storing camping goods and daily storage
・ When not in use, it can be stacked in a compactly folded state
・ Embossed with the CHUMS logo on the side and back
・ Booby logo on the side is accented

Size Details

H 29.5 x W 53 x D 36cm (Folded: H 6.6 x W 53 x D 36cm)

Item Details

Material: Polypropylene