Attache Grill S


Smart, attaché case-type tabletop grill.

Attaché case-type tabletop grill for easy carrying. Grates and firebeds are stored in the case, and can be set just by opening them and stacking the parts. With a handle and lock, you can carry it smartly on foot or by train.

Total weight: (approx.) 1.9 kg
Size: [When assembled] (approx.) width 30 × depth 23 × height 21.5 cm [grilling net] (approx.) length 27 × width 18 cm Storage size: (approx.) width 30 × depth 22.5 × height 7.5 cm

Configuration: main body, main material: stainless steel
, steel, aluminum
Performance / Features:
・ Just the right tabletop size ・ M size grill net half size