As SHAKA marks its 10th anniversary in the spring of 2023, the brand is stepping into the next chapter of its journey with a new identity. With a commitment to its role as a leading expert in sandals, SHAKA has unveiled a fresh brand logo which represents mountain and road, with a message of connecting the outdoors and the urban, an icon that evokes the idea of walking to anywhere in comfort. They also introduced a compelling new concept centered around the theme of "travel", with an impactful tagline of “Let’s go. Anywhere, anytime.”
From Revival to Evolution: SHAKA's Journey
SHAKA had transformed from its revival phase in 2010 into a recognized brand, as the urban outdoor sandals boom around the globe paved the way for SHAKA. The rise of normcore fashion trends has also further fueled the brand's growth. The evolution continued as SHAKA adapts to various trends and eventually aligns with the rising outdoor and camping enthusiasm.
A New Concept Takes Shape: "Travel"
As SHAKA's 10th year arrived, the team began pondering the brand's next 10-year journey. Akifumi Muromachi, the Shaka’s Product Director, and Toshiro Takahashi, the Shaka’s Marketing Director, engaged in discussions to plan for the brand's future, particularly focusing on the concept of "travel." Recognizing the importance of comfort and durability, they set on a goal to create footwear that could be well-suited for individuals for their every trip. With the EX sole design, a joint venture between SHAKA and the Italian company ExtraLight®, they merged lightweight comfort with cushioning and anti-slip properties to create an exceptional Shaka sandals product line. 

ExtraLight® Sole: A Journey of Comfort
It's evident that SHAKA's dedication to creating comfortable yet stylish footwear for travel takes the centre stage. Takahashi expresses his belief that the best way to convey the SHAKA's new concept is through firsthand experience. Hence, they organised an exhibition for people to try on the Chill Out and Neo Bungy equipped with EX sole in Japan, and these two SS23 models are very well-received among the sandals lovers. The EX sole-equipped Chill Out and Neo Bungy are the embodiments of this new direction. These models not only offer lightweight comfort but also embody the very essence of SHAKA's determination of bringing comfort for every journey.
Comfort for Your Little Ones
The SS23 series also now includes children's sports sandals such as the Rocky Stretch Little and Neo Bungy Little sandals. The oblique toe front-sole and the arched footbed is designed to reduce the burden on children's feet, greatly improving children’s foot placement. In addition, the velcro and ankle straps hold the shoes firmly in place, which is ideal for children who run around energetically. The back of the tape is covered with neoprene, so the friction between the straps and the back of the heel is avoided, ensuring the best comfort level for the kids. 

SHAKA's 10th-anniversary celebration serves as a testament to its journey of evolution, and innovation. With a renewed brand logo and a concept that speaks to the essence of travelling in comfort, SHAKA is poised to embrace its next chapter of being the best sandals for travelling. As the story of SHAKA continues to unfold, one thing is clear: the brand's commitment to comfort, style, and the spirit of outdoor exploration will guide its path for years to come.
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August 17, 2023