For over seven decades, Kelty has been synonymous with outdoor adventure and innovation. Founded in 1952, this American company has become a trusted name in outdoor gear, earning a reputation for producing high-quality products designed to enhance outdoor experiences. From backpacks and tents to sleeping bags and camping accessories, Kelty has consistently pushed the boundaries of design and functionality, making it a brand of choice for outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.



Whether you're embarking on a multi-day backpacking trip, setting up camp in the wilderness, or simply enjoying a day hike, Kelty's diverse range of products has you covered. With a history rooted in innovation and a commitment to quality, Kelty continues to empower outdoor enthusiasts to discover the wonders of the natural world.



Over the years, Kelty has introduced a range of innovative products, including the introduction of internal-frame backpacks in the 1970s, which further improved comfort and performance.

In addition to backpacks, Kelty has excelled in producing a wide array of outdoor gear. Their tents are known for their durability and weather resistance, making them a staple for campers and backpackers in various climates. The brand also offers an extensive line of sleeping bags, ranging from lightweight options for summer adventures to heavy-duty bags designed for cold-weather camping.


In a world where technology and urbanization increasingly dominate our lives, Kelty remains a beacon for those who seek solace, excitement, and connection with nature. As outdoor enthusiasts continue to explore the world, they can trust that Kelty will be there, crafting reliable gear to make their adventures unforgettable.

August 29, 2023