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by Paul Khor:

My first hike after 2 and a half years of break and resting at home through the pandemic. I was so excited as I've always wanted to hike Kerinci, Sumatra, Indonesia. 

At 12,484 ft above sea level, it provides Sumatra with the fifth-highest maximum elevation of any island in the world

Mt Kerinci is the highest mountain on the island of Sumatra and it is popular with mountain climbers. The nearest village and climber’s base is Kersik Tuo, near Kayu Aro, Kerinci. The route is marked by signs, posted at half kilometer intervals. Mt Kerinci is also known by the name Indrapura Peak, Mountain Tower, Volcano Kurinci and Korinci. This is one of mountain climbers’ favourite since the trail condition of the mountain is clear and easy to follow.

Next thing I knew, I was geared up and ready to set out!

Physically, it was quite a demanding experience to the body as it took a significant effort to accustom to the 7 hours due to the ascending hiking trail on my first day.

However, it was a worth while experience. The second I reached the summit, it was such a beautiful sight to view which is the morning sunrise. 

It was a pleasant morning and I was very lucky as the clouds were clear, the weather was great and to my surprise, I got to see the mountain's pyramid shadow for the first time. 

Kerinci, Indonesia. A speechless - magical experience.

Paul Khor on top of the summit as appeared on the photo above. 


A long awaited hike. Glad to be back on the mountain!

August 23, 2022