by Nina. 

I never knew I’ll be back into the wilderness this soon.

I never knew my first trip after two and a half years would be to the mountains. Back 30th April 2022, I’ve decided to be back on my feet.  I was able to climb one of Cordillera’s prime hiking destinations, Mt. Kalawitan. Situated in Sabangan and Bontoc in Mountain Province, Mt. Kalawitan is the 10th highest summit in the Philippines. True enough based on my research the mountain is known for its rich and thick mossy forest and famous for being one of the most heavily limatik-infested mountains up north. 

Starting  the year with a hike up to Mt. Kalawitan perfectly described what I’ve been through the year of 2020 - 2021 –  pretty challenging, being pushed to my limits, and persevering during unprecedented situations. 

Although plenty of what happened in this hike was rather unexceptional, there were still moments shared and bonds that were strengthened. I was definitely delighted to be back to my birth country, to meet old hiking friends, and share the same sentiment of “finally, we are finally back on our feet”. Of course, it’s always good to meet new people and on this trip I definitely made new friendships. 

Lastly, the cherry on top of this whole experience, I get to do this with my colleagues whom I considered as good friends too!

August 30, 2022