Mt. Bromo has always been on my list, when the opportunity to visit such a well-known destination came up, I swiftly signed myself up. I went to read up about it and got the inner “hiker” in me excited. I am not-so new to hiking but this is something very new to me because it’s going to be 4D3N and the thought of it did worry me a little bit. 

It’s finally time to kickstart this unexpected but thrilling journey. The view of our surroundings is indescribable, from the accustomed tropical sceneries to the sandy, foggy and massive trails, it was totally out of the ordinary.

The whole journey never failed to surprise us, every hour we were greeted by awe-inspiring landscapes never seen before and to be able to discover and experience all these with the new friends we met along the way was topnotch.

Throughout our expedition, the scorching heat during the day and intense drop in temperature at night took a toll on some of us, nevertheless, we stayed through, braced ourselves to complete more than 10km walk each day and enjoyed the rest of our day at each camp site. 

Plenty of memories were made, new friendships were born, bonds were deepened, physical and mental challenges were conquered. All these are the icing on the cake. 


The exhausting days without proper meals, showers and shelter are worth every unforgettable memory made during this trip.

August 01, 2023