Every day is Earth Day. Small changes can have a big impact. More often than we might imagine, we have an impact on our loved ones, friends, and even strangers. Therefore, let's not be afraid to talk about how we live sustainably since it can encourage others to follow suit. Our eco-friendly behaviors may eventually spread over the world. Share your nice deeds with your friends, please.

Here's some practices you can start with, anytime, anywhere:

1) Reuse Your Utensils

Today, a lot of us lead nomadic lifestyles. We don't always know where we will be when we have our next meal in today's hectic environment. Yet, the drawback of dining on the go is that you cannot reach into your cutlery drawer to retrieve a fork and knife. Plastic dining utensils are an unnecessary but significant source of plastic pollution. However, since most plastic utensils can't be recycled at the curb, avoiding single-use plastics is even more crucial.

Have a spare set of flatware that you can bring with you in your day-to-day life to readily remedy this plastic dilemma. These sets are simple to obtain, and some are even made expressly to fit comfortably in your day bag. Keep one at your desk or office and keep a pair in your backpack or purse. You pledge to use a set of reusable dining utensils only for the things you carry every day by performing this environmentally friendly behavior.

2) Fashion with Purpose

The apparel business has undergone a total change thanks to fast fashion, but not in a good way. Behind every article of clothing, you see in a store is an industry that depletes the planet's finite resources and takes advantage of the labor force employed in its garment factories. This industry generates enormous trash, which pollutes our air, oceans, forests, healthy soil, fresh water supplies, and other ecosystems as well as harms their biodiversity and eco-systems.

An eco-friendly and socially responsible apparel supply chain is referred to as sustainable fashion. It seeks to redirect the market and customers away from the fast fashion business model and toward environmentally friendly methods of product sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, and consumption.

3) Be the Role Model

Even though every day is Earth Day, it's good to have a special day to honor it more. Encouragement of significant polluters in the form of huge corporations to accept responsibility and lessen their effects on the environment and the climate appears to be a trend in the right direction. Although this is excellent development, it's crucial to continue considering how we may live more lightly on the planet through our daily actions. Even though our effects are minimal compared to those of large corporations, it is a good idea to "think green" every day. This fosters a culture of sustainability in which we serve as encouraging examples for one another, exemplifying environmentally sound habits and imparting sustainable living by personal example.

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April 11, 2023