My first hike to the mountains, I was excited for it!

I never thought that my IPPT training would be put to good use! I was ready mentally too after being told that the elevation is the killer! We met the outside Malaysian team and headed for the meeting point (Taman Eko Rimba Pangsun). There were about 30 participants in total for the hike. Soon after registration and the hike briefing were done, we started off and were told we’re to pass 6 pondoks, or huts, until we reach our campsite.

Throughout this journey (Meeting Point to Campsite), the terrain was up and up and up! There were only 3 downhills, like, whaaaatt? I was already foreseeing the worst, and it's still up ahead! I got to know other hikers from Malaysia by hearing their stories; most of them hiked Nuang for the first time too!

There were times I left my buddy, Kaizal, behind (but I waited for him at the front or at any pit stop, flat and "sheltered by shadow" ground), and I was afraid that I might have been a little bit pushy and not realized our own abilities. Mentally, I was telling myself I just wanted to enjoy the moment and not dread it! The ‘dread’ was already on my shoulders (the bag), and I didn’t want to focus on that, because if I did, it would have worn me down.

During those times I was alone, I felt the moment where many of my colleagues and boss had said, "When you hike, you feel different; it is personal". My worries from work, home, and life entirely were gone; it didn’t even feel like I had put them aside or put them on pause. I felt I was more focused and clear-headed. I felt the drive to move forward with all those ideas I had put on hold because I had worried about them too much.

I think growing up in tough situations and having to worry a lot about the future, in some way, helped me with the hike! There were times that I tell myself that I couldn’t give up easily. Not about ego or pride really, but it was more for myself. My ownself, who I was, who I envisioned myself to be 20 years ago or so, something that I had told myself when I was young! It was more about me. It sounds a bit selfish or self-centered, but you will know what I mean when you go for it! It was an event I would cherish forever. One, just for me to be proud of myself.

Eventually, we reached a point where the plants were all mossy, in a colder environment, and then, big stones and rocks! The sights were pretty, and it was just WOW to be able to see His creations, every single bit of them. No words can describe it.

We passed those big rocks and then 7 ladders (literally), and then, there was the peak! Windy yet hot, scorched on skin, but... windy and cold! It was just an amazing feeling to be able to see everyone in the group reach the peak too!



I was just so happy for each of us! Many were telling me, "Once you have hiked Nuang, other mountains are nothing to you already!" We see how, eh?

April 13, 2023