Stainless Vacuum Bottle Milk 350


Demonstrates high cold insulation function due to vacuum insulation effect. The Type M series is named "Type M" because of its shape, which resembles a milk bottle.

Utilizing the know-how cultivated in the development of camping gear so far, we have made bottles that are useful in urban life. The stainless-steel double-wall structure blocks the influence of outside air by vacuuming the inside, demonstrating excellent heat and cold insulation functions. The Type M series is available in 350 ml and 500 ml.

Specification of stainless steel vacuum bottle type M350 clear

  1. size

    155mm × Φ74mm

  2. weight

    Bottle body 166g, cap 37g

  3. specification

    - Material: bottle body / stainless steel (outer acrylic resin coating), cap / polypropylene, packing / silicone rubber
    - Heat retention effect: 68 degrees or more (6 hours), cold retention effect: 8 degrees or less (6 hours)