SNOOPY Waterproof sheet BB


With waterproof fabric, you won't be bothered even on wet ground!

The seat is waterproof and can be used safely even on wet ground. It is active at picnics and events.

Waterproof fabric is used so that it does not bother even on wet ground.

The waterproof coating on the back of the fabric allows you to sit comfortably on wet ground.

Perfect size for Q-TOP full shade

It is a size that can be perfectly laid on the Q-TOP full shade floor sheet (sold separately).
* Separately sold items may be discontinued without notice.

Storage bag included

It comes with a special storage bag for easy carrying.

Total weight: (approx.) 1.3kg
Size: (approx.) length 195× width 145cm Storage size: (approx.) length 26×width 27×height 4.5cm

Main material: Polyester (PVC coating)
・Waterproof fabric

・ Perfect size for Q-TOP full shade floor seat

・ Moderate weight and hard to be blown away by wind

・ With storage bag

* Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
* The photo may differ from the actual shape, size, and color.