Reversible Pile Bucket Hat


A reversible hat with a simple plain side and a CHUMS-like all-over pattern that can be used according to your mood and outfit.

Material characteristics:
Reversible design with soft pile fabric on the plain side and smooth cotton blend fabric on the pattern side. The pile fabric absorbs sweat from the hair and forehead, making it comfortable to wear even on hot days.

Product specifications
: A reversible hat that can be chosen according to your mood and outfit .
2-way design with a simple plain side and an all-over CHUMS pattern.
Plain side: CHUMS logo embroidered on the front.
Pattern side: CHUMS original textile.
We also offer clothing and bags with the same pattern, so we recommend matching outfits.

Size details

Head circumference: Free size (58-60cm)

Item details

Material: Face Side (plain) / Cotton 80% Polyester 20%
Back Side (pattern) / Polyester 100%