Recycle CHUMS Woven String Shoulder


Compact shoulder bag accented with CHUMS logo (Sacoche) Uses environmentally friendly 100% recycled polyester "RENU®". Made of lightweight and tough material, it can be easily taken out not only for daily use but also for outdoor activities.

Product Features

  • Compact size convenient for carrying essentials
  • Active in outdoor scenes where you want to move lightly
  • Body mouth: Velcro specifications
  • The CHUMS logo is printed vertically on the front.
  • Rope strap: Adjustable length with stopper

*The color of the rope strap varies depending on the color of the main unit.


H23 X W17cm Item details


RENU recycled polyester 100% "RENU" is a 100% recycled polyester material made from used clothes and leftovers (fabric) left over from factory production.