Mess Kit


Frying pans and pots that can be cooked over an open flame, and a female kit that can be used as a plate are convenient items for solo camps.

When not in use, it can be used for various purposes such as putting ingredients, accessories, and cutlery.

Another feature of this product is that after many years of use, the texture will increase and the taste will come out. Put the ingredients in it, carry it, and bake it over an open flame, cook it, or use it as a plate. A series of flows is possible with this one.

Total weight: 230g

Size: Width 31.5 x Depth 11.5 x Height 5.5 cm

Inner dimensions:  Width 17 x Depth 11 x Height 5 cm

Handle length: 14 cm

Storage size: Width 18.5 x Depth 11.5 x Height 6 cm

Main material: aluminum, stainless steel