CHUMS Ping Pong


A table tennis set that you can enjoy with your family and friends and easily enjoy anywhere.

A table tennis set that you can attach to your table and enjoy table tennis casually. The grip of the net and racket has a booby bird design. It comes with a storage bag for easy carrying, making it useful both at home and camping.

〈Product specifications〉
・ Net, racket × 2, ping pong balls × 3
・ With a special storage bag
・ Table thickness that can be attached: up to about 4.5 cm
・ Maximum net width: about 120 cm.
・ Racket weight: about 180 g
・Net weight: Approx. 340g

Size Details

Racket: approx. W 15 × H 26cm
Net: Maximum width 120 cm Height 19.5 cm (net height 13.5 cm)

Item Details

Material: Racket Net/Polyethylene/PVC