Booby Eco Bag


Can be stored in a cute stuffed booby! Convenient eco-bags

〈Material characteristics〉
The eco-bag body is made of 100% recycled polyester material that is environmentally friendly. It is a lightweight and tough material that can be easily taken not only as an eco-bag but also for a little outdoor activities such as picnics.

〈Product specifications〉 ・ Eco bag can be stored in a booby bird-shaped stuffed toy
・ The eco-bag body has
a print of the standard booby logo ・ With the attached carabiner, you can
attach it to your bag like a charm ◎
・ Recommended for everyday shopping and small gifts

Eco bag: H 32 x W 28 x D 12cm Plush toy: H 13 x W 8 x D 10cm

Material:Bag/Recycle Polyester100% Booby/Polyester100%