Airtrail Stretch CHUMS T-Shirt


The Air Trail series T-shirt is attractive for its outstanding stretchability and smooth, comfortable fit, making it ideal for outdoor activities and sports.

A T-shirt that combines stretch, breathability, and water repellency. It stretches in four directions and can handle active movements. This season, we have adopted a specially constructed stretch woven mesh material with good breathability, and by placing it around the armpits and other areas that tend to get stuffy, we have improved comfort.

A T-shirt with a booby face logo embroidered on the front and a bold dot-like CHUMS logo print on the back. A loose box silhouette. With a pocket on the waist, it is a convenient item for hiking and camping. We recommend a simple coordination that makes use of the back print, or a set-up with bottoms and jackets from the same series.