From trying out new accessories to learning how to properly store your gear, it's time to show your sleeping pad a lil love with some tips from the Klymit team. 

insulated pad put into tent for cold weather camping

Properly Clean Your Sleeping Pad

Your sleeping pad performs at its best when clean, so it's a good idea to regularly wash your pad. 

For particularly dirty pads, mix 2 cups of warm water with 1 tablespoon of baking soda and wipe down with a washcloth. Dry by hanging the pad with the valve at the bottom. DO NOT use any detergents, even natural detergents. DO NOT put in a washing machine.

Protect Your Sleeping Pad

Some of the main causes of wear and tear on sleeping pads are dirt and sweat. In order to protect your pad, check out the Klymit V Sheet which is a fitted sheet for the Static V pad line. Not only is the V Sheet machine washable, it adds extra comfort with a pillow pocket and a soft material. 

Looking for protection while cowboy camping? The Roamer Tarp is the perfect multipurpose gear that will be a great barrier between your pad and the ground while camping out in the open. 

Put Away Your Sleeping Pad

Stowing your pad away for the season? For long term storage, it's best to wipe down your pad and let it dry completely before rolling up and storing in the stuff sack. This helps ensure that your pad keeps clean and safe for your next adventure. 

Pump Up Your Sleeping Pad 

Want to prevent condensation from building up in your pad? Manual and electric pumps can help save your pad from condensation and mold. Add the Pump Sack or the USB Rechargeable Pump to your gear bag to inflate you pad effortlessly while also preventing moisture build up.

Give Your Sleeping Pad A Purpose

You have a sleeping pad, and it wants to be used! Thinking about taking a last minute camping trip? Take it! Want to plan a week long roadtrip with some friends? Do it! Enjoy the outdoor side of life and thank your pad by sleeping outside more! 

June 07, 2022