Editor, writer. Aguri is involved in branding, photography direction, and digital marketing in the fields of fashion, lifestyle, wellness, and culture, especially for women. Has a reputation for creating graphical images that are typical of former graphic designers. 

Aguri Kawashima 

The vivid orange 231LRG is a bag that matches the city style that is refreshingly organized in white and blue . "Kutatsu and the shirts and pants of materials and controls to Cordura nylon with needles, such as the primary color in a soft color, a little challenging to " dare " When I put the difference in materials and color, new balance is born, There is no sense of rut. "

Kawashima is also known for her love for traveling.The 231LRG has a classic form and functionality that makes you feel "travel", and it seems to make you feel excited. "When traveling by train or bullet train, it's convenient to keep it on the rack or on the floor, so a 231LRG is indispensable, especially when traveling domestically. Also, since I surf, I pack my luggage quickly and car. It's also attractive to be able to squeeze it into the trunk of the car. This time, I tried city-like styling and office style, and was surprised at how easy it is to fit any style. "
Kawashima said that when she was a student, she admired the mood of an overseas student and used to wear a backpack for <Outdoor Products>. "Of course, new products are cute, but I want to use them until they become squishy, ​​stretch the strings tightly, and use them in an atmosphere like American kids. Even if I write the name directly on the bag, it tastes like a baggage. It would be nice if it came out. 

231LRG which has an outdoor taste, but with its wide range of sizes and color variations, is easy for women to incorporate into their daily lives. Day-to-day styling 1 is try to incorporate one would be how.

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August 27, 2021