A classic and original, CHUMS new collection for spring summer 2021. 

The new collection embodies authenticity and statement pieces with their iconic basics and The Red-Footed Booby Bird - Booby. A unisex collection that varies from t-shirts, caps, hats, tote and shoulder bag. CHUMS has always remained true to its roots, and design is still at the core of what they do. 

The most basic, Featuring the CHUMS T-shirts that is made of Thick Cotton material. The old-fashioned texture that is rough to the touch. But with a solid texture, that does not easily loses its shape. For this season, CHUMS have adopted COTTON USA, a new high-quality and durable material, and renewed into a tougher finish.

Mini Chums Logo T-shirt

The CHUMS logo on the front is arranged in a mini size, and you can enjoy an atmosphere that is different from the standard logo T-shirt. A casual accent with a mini logo.

Chums logo T-shirt

CHUMS classic logo T-shirt. The familiar design with the CHUMS logo printed on the front is attractive because it has a high degree of versatility without worrying about matching items. It is a classic item that you can love for a long time regardless of trends.  



Chums Fes Hat 

A popular Chums classic hat with a design and functionality that fits the outdoor style. The wide brim guards the sun. Mesh material is used on the inside for good breathability and long-lasting comfort.


Chums Booby Pilot Cap 

A basic 6-panel pilot cap made from a cotton material that is familiar to the skin. Rough covering with a shallow form. The fit can be adjusted with the belt on the back. This season, we are developing a new design with the booby bird logo embroidered on the front. An item that is easy to incorporate into coordination and can be used unisex and seasonless. 




Available in-store and Online. 

For more enquiries, you may email to info@outsidestore.co  

May 20, 2021