With the new season upon us, we brought in a new brand - Hikerdelic

Hikerdelic grew naturally from the sartorial seeds of Proper Magazine. Having spent years writing about clothing and brands, it was only natural when the co-founders created their own. Working with world-class illustrators like locally-based Daren Newman allowed us to create a unique visual handwriting based on the concept of rambling and raving combined.

And as part of our October campaign #Growithus, Outside wants to explore a wider range of assortment in apparels for both mens and women's. Hence, Hikerdelic is one of the finest and the perfect brand for us as it is position between styling indoors and outdoors, between outdoor raves and underground caves. 

Ahead of this we thought it was high time we gave you a little taste of Hikerdelic. The overarching theme of this season with Hikerdelic is Get Out More. Having spent much of 2020 restricted, they felt it's only right to encourage people to catch up with the nature which surrounds them. That's what we've all been doing anyway. 

With that brief, Daren Newman picked up his trusty pencil and set to work trying to translate it into stuff that'd work on a t-shirt. 



October 19, 2021