Don’t know how to set up a tent or a grill? No problem. Whether you're a seasoned camper or a first timer, our Outside brand has got you covered with our new three must-have outdoor essentials: the Go Tent 3 Pax Autofold, Go Stackable Mug, and Go BBQ Briefcase. These products are designed to provide you convenience, durability, and comfort for your outdoor trip!



  1. Go Tent 3 Pax Autofold: Instant Setup, Ultimate Comfort

Picture this: You arrive at your campsite, and within seconds, your cozy shelter is ready to welcome you. That's the magic of the Go Tent 3 Pax Autofold. This 2–3-person tent is designed to simplify your camping experience, making it perfect for outdoor lovers seeking convenience and comfort in the great outdoors.


Key Features:

- Capacity: 2 - 3 people

- Size: 190cm (W) x 190cm (L) x 140cm (H)

- Weight: 3.3kg

- Rain Cover Attachment: Keep dry even in wet conditions

- Top Ventilation when Detached: For optimal airflow

- 4-Side Roll-Up Ventilation: Customize your airflow

- 2-Side Opening: Easy access in and out

- Auto-Setup: Opens up in just 5 seconds

- PU-Coated Polyester: High water resistance for added protection


With its rapid assembly, excellent ventilation, and durable construction, the Go Tent 3 Pax Autofold is the ultimate choice of tent for new campers (also for experienced campers who want to look for ultimate convenience)! No more struggling with complicated tent poles or spending precious time setting up camp. Instead, focus on what matters most enjoying the great outdoors.



  1. Go Stackable Mug: Your Versatile Outdoor Companion

Whether you're sipping on a hot coffee by the campfire or enjoying a refreshing cold drink on a sunny hike, the Go Stackable Mug is the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts. This 250ml (8.45 oz) mug is designed for durability and comfort, making it ideal for hiking, camping, or any outdoor activity.


Key Features:

- Temperature Hold: Keeps drinks hot or cold with a max temperature hold of 80°C

- Stackable Design: Save space in your gear with stackable mugs

- Variety of Colors: Choose from Yellow-Orange Transparent, Green Transparent, or White Opaque

- Easy to Clean: With a non-stick surface, liquids slide right off, preventing any buildup

- 250ml Capacity: Perfect for your favorite drinks


These travel mugs are reliable companions that ensure you stay refreshed and energized throughout your outdoor adventures. The bright and vibrant colors of them are also works of art and a nod to the campers who always look for exciting trips!


  1. Go BBQ Briefcase: Portable Grilling Convenience 

Are you a barbecue enthusiast? After much demand… we have finally come out with this compact yet easy-to-use Go BBQ Briefcase for your outdoor grilling plan with family and friends! When not in use, it transforms into a slim, easy-to-carry case that's perfect for storage and transport. Whether you're camping, tailgating, or having a picnic at the park, this portable grill helps you prepare delicious and convenient barbecues on the go.


Key Features:

- Size: 30cm x 19cm x 7cm

- Weight: 2.2kg

- Sturdy & Durable: Made from kitchen-grade stainless steel

- Removable Charcoal Tray: Easy to clean and maintain

- Mini Grille Tongs: Included for your convenience

- Compact and Portable: Take it anywhere your adventure leads


Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the Go BBQ Briefcase is not only sturdy but also easy to clean and maintain. It comes with a removable charcoal tray and mini grill tongs, ensuring that you have everything you need for a fantastic outdoor barbecue experience.

As we love going outside ourselves, these products are the gears that we’ve carefully crafted for every outdoor adventure. We hope they can be your perfect companions and make your life easier when you are hitting the road outside. Whether you're seeking comfort, convenience, or delicious outdoor meals, these products will get you covered! Happy camping!

September 28, 2023