The lovely outdoors, ahh... It's difficult not to get sentimental about the majesty of mother earth when you hear birds chirping, see gorgeous scenery, and feel the earth beneath your feet. And if you're not among the great majority of individuals who at least occasionally enjoy a walk in the woods, perhaps CAYL's sleek, understated outdoor clothing will be able to convince you to hit the path. 

After all, it's difficult to resist the South Korean company's contagious enthusiasm for everything related to hiking, climbing, and other outdoor activities. Even their name, CAYL, is an acronym for Climb As You Love – which suggests an unselfish and unpretentious desire to see more people get in touch with nature, on their own terms.


The term “lifestyle brand” gets bandied about a lot, but few embody this as completely as CAYL. Founder Euijae Lee is truly passionate about the outdoors and supporting individuals and groups both in CAYL’s home of South Korea and abroad to get outside and discover the transformative power of nature.

His own love for Korea’s mountains and climbing culture is well-documented – many styles like the Seorak 3 XPac are named after local mountains, and Lee is even part of a hiking club that meets once a month to hike for 2 days straight. It’s no surprise then that the gear and clothing CAYL creates is likewise approachable, versatile, and sold at a price point that won’t frighten away the more casual enthusiasts.

Therefore, CAYL has plenty of trendy solutions whether you're a seasoned hiker, climber, biker, or you just want to look good for that one required hike this summer.

January 19, 2023