More than 20 years ago, Big Agnes was founded with the intention of creating better camping equipment. The idea was straightforward: keep the brave folks sleeping in the backcountry on their sleeping mat by giving them comfort. 

Who would have thought that twenty years later, they would be producing equipment that wins awards, revolutionizing sustainability with solution-dyed tent fabrics, and assisting you in packing all that stuff into backpacks? The need to appreciate, safeguard, and maintain the outdoors has only gotten stronger. Consistently providing everyone with the tools they need to camp comfortably, explore public lands, and have fun.

 Like you, we have never been more eager to head out onto the trails and pitch camp. It's simple. The act of camping, which involves sleeping on the ground while admiring the sky and listening to crickets, is the epitome of outdoor adventure. It is one of life's greatest pleasures.

February 28, 2023