MANASTASH is an outdoor brand in Seattle, USA, established in 1993.
The idea is to use eco-friendly materials such as hemp and recycled fleece to make the best clothing and gear.

The Manastash Plateau, which runs off the great Cascade Range, offers a wide variety of wild outdoor sports such as skiing, trekking, mountain biking, rafting and kayaking. Practical, stylish and high quality clothing that represents a freedom-based lifestyle.

Mountains, rivers, and roads ... MANASTASH connects with everyone who is chasing passion in the natural environment.

In picture: Oval Logo Tee in Navy 

Manastash are connected in heart with all those people who continue to chase after their passion in the natural environment.

Hemp is known for its characteristics to absorb moisture and to release heat, as well as for its natural infection-fighting properties. Pores of the fabrics are highly-oxygenated and this avoids the bacteria to inhabit in it, which explains why hemp is significantly antibacterial It also has the UV resistant quality and protects the wearer from the sun. While the ratio of UV resistance is 30 to 90% for standard cotton, it is more than 99% for hemp and proves that it has a profound effect on UV. Its characteristics of a comfortable feel, high ability to absorb moisture and perspiration while being exceptionally durable and strong, make this fabric perfect for outdoor sports such as ski, trek, and mountain bike, as well as for outdoor events and camping in summer. value of Manastash lies in offering the top quality of Hemp.

Manastash's philosophy is "to create functional outdoor clothing while using eco-friendly materials." Hemp, which has strong growth potential and high production efficiency, is a reusable resource and does not require chemical fertilizers or pesticides because it is resistant to insect damage and weather, so it is said to be an "ecology material that does not burden the environment." It can protect precious forests and reduce substances that pollute drinking water. Manastash's goal is to create products that do not lose respect for nature.

Manastash is favored by young people for its comfortable fit of natural materials centered on hemp and its highly fashionable design that is not bound by the norms of outdoor wear. How much stress can we coexist in the field of the earth that we enjoy? Manastash wear has a message that appeals for its low impact on the natural system. "Manastash's goal is to improve this planet for ourselves and our children of the future."

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May 23, 2022