Tip 1: Try to bring along foldable items, easy to carry around. 

1. Chums Back With Bench

For starters, we have our Chums Back With Bench. It fits two adults comfortably, allows you to spend quality and relaxing time together. With a relaxing backrest, it is recommended for family camps and sitting with pets. 

2. Chums Back With Chair

Similarly, we have our Chums Back With Chair. An individual chair just for one, allowing you to relax comfortably with a backrest. Sturdy low-chair, easy and light to carry around everywhere, perfect for camping. 

 3.  Chums Folding Wagon

Additionally, we have our Chums Folding Wagon. A foldable wagon small enough to storeaway and spacious enough for transporting camping goods. How convenient! Plenty of luggage for camping, outdoor play and sports. Iconic CHUMS logo and booby bird printed on both sides. Accented with rainbow belts everywhere.  

4. Chums Bamboo Side Table

Not to forget, we have our Chums Bamboo Side Table. A low-style side table ideal for camping, a compact size and highly versatile product. It is made from natural wood (bamboo) with an attractive natural texture. Foldable legs and top plate with a laser-processed booby logo. Perfect for placing next to a chair for a chill time, or as a workbench for cooking or bonfire. It also can be used for placing a water jug or lantern instead of a shelf. Recommended as a home decor.


Let’s move on to tip 2. Bring essential dining equipment. 

5. Chums Steel Cooler Box

To begin, we have our Chums Steel Cooler Box. Perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. A retro design in the style of the 1950s, with CHUMS logo shining on the body. It can be used as a cooler box for outdoor activities and it also compliments well as home decor. The cooler box is capable of storing frozen food so say goodbye to eating instant food. Comes with a bottle opener, located at the side. 

6. Chums Booby Carabiner & Booby Bottle Opener. 

Moreover, we have our Chums Booby Carabiner and Booby Bottle Opener. 

Our carabiner with our icon, booby bird as a motif. Perfect for everyday use, you can also attach it to your bag like a keychain and it is useful in case of emergency. 

Our bottle opener is designed with our icon, Boobies Bird as a motif. You can attach it to a backpack together with the carabiner and it is useful in outdoor scenes such as camping, mountain climbing, and BBQ. 

7. Chums Booby Cutlery Set.

Subsequently, we have our Chums Booby Cutlery Set. It comes with a spoon, fork and knife. 

The tip of the handle is a booby bird, a stainless steel material that is easy to maintain. Comes with a storage bag that is convenient to carry, so you can bring it to BBQ and picnics! Eco-friendly, reusable, and after eating the standard Neapolitan lunch box, the handle does not become slimy and you do not have to worry about colour transfer.

8. Chums Camper Mug & Stacking Camper Mug Set

To pair it up, we have Chums Camper Mug & Stacking Camper Mug Set for the family. 

A must-have for camping, a light and hard-to-break mug A classic item from Chums, the "Camper Mug Cup". The booby face logo is accented with colourful colours that are typical of Chums. A perfect item for outdoor activities such as camping, festivals, and mountain climbing. Did you know you can attach the mug to anything with the help of the harness that's hanging from the handle? 

We also have something specially designed for families. Our Stacking Camper Mug Set is light and made from durable melamine resin. Hygienic and it has excellent moisturizing properties, recommended for outdoor scenes such as camping and picnics. Moderate depth, so you can put a main dish or salad on it, and it's a versatile item that is easy to use.

9. Chums Camper Stainless Bottle

Last but not least, we have our Chums Camper Stainless Bottle. A 650ml size stainless steel bottle, recommended for everyday use as well as for sports and outdoor activities. Double-wall vacuum insulation structure, safely to carry hot and cold drinks. Wide mouthpiece makes it easy to clean. As it is BPA-free, children can use it freely with confidence. A product with a colourful body and a booby face logo.

Tip 3: Wearable, comforts over anything. 

10. Chums Bush Pilot Cap & Chums Bucket Hat.

Right off the bat, we have our Chums Bush Pilot Cap and Chums Bucket Hat.

A simple cap pilot cap. CHUMS logo embroidery is placed on the front at one point, 100% cotton. The fit can be adjusted with the adjuster on the back and it has a shallow form and a rough atmosphere. While, our Chums Bucket Hat is simple and easy-to-use. 100% cotton, unisex and seasonless. 

11. Chums Recycled Mesh Pocket Shoulder.

Next on the line, we have our Chums Recycled Mesh Pocket Shoulder. It uses 100% recycled polyester "RENU®" that is environmentally friendly. Lightweight and tough material, you can easily take it outdoors as well for daily use. 

12. Chums Recycled Mesh Pocket Shoulder.

To end it with a high note, the last product we recommend is our Chums Spring Dale Sacoche. A small shoulder bag, simple and easy to use. It features a polyester material with high strength and durability. With a size that fits just right to hold the essentials such as wallets and mobile phones, you can easily wear it everyday. . 

The outer pocket has a partition in the center. A loop is placed on the back, and small items can be hung using a carabiner. Equipped with compact yet easy-to-use details.  

Curiously, you are probably thinking where is the best campsite in Singapore. A rural area, a place with no internet connection, no distractions, no phone call or email from your boss. An instance of quietness away from the crowd. Well, it is technically not located in Singapore, but a ferry away; Pulau Ubin. 

Available in stores and online. 

January 25, 2022