Ted Weirum, YouTuber and outdoor inspiration, reviews his favourite backpacks for warm weather trekking.

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  Ted Weirum is a Swedish YouTuber and outdoorsman. We got in touch with him in Thailand and asked him to review some backpacks for use on warm weather treks. He tested three different backpack models over a 5 night, 6 day trek through the Thai jungle. Now he has some great tips for anyone planning their next warm weather trek and thinking about which backpack to choose.


What to think about when choosing a backpack?

A backpack is a necessary companion on any trek, in a warm or cold climate. The first thing to ask yourself when choosing your backpack is how long do I plan to trek for? Is it a day trek, a weekend excursion, or a multi-day adventure? For more than one day you should consider a 35l pack, or bigger, in warm weather conditions. For a multi-day adventure you should look for a backpack with capacity upwards from 50l.

It’s not only important to consider the volume of your backpack but also the climate that you will use it in and the frame size that you need. Different backpacks suit different frame sizes better, and of course, there is always a personal comfort element. So it’s better to try on your backpack before you make your decision. Ted reviewed three backpacks during his warm weather trek, watch the video below to see the backpacks in action and read through his reviews below.

Ted’s Review: Kaipak 38

The Kaipak comes in three different sizes, the 28, 38, and 58. This backpack is simple and robust and extremely practical. The highlight of this backpack is its uncomplicated, yet highly functional design. It is made out of G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco which means that it is very durable and can be waxed with Greenland wax for extra resistance against water. It has a fixed back length for the carrying system. Use this backpack for a one to two day trek, it can be used in both warm and cold climates.    


Ted’s Review: Keb 52

The Keb 52 is all about the multiple openings. The logical compartment placement made packing the backpack in an organised way very easy. It opens from the top, the side and there is an additional, secondary pocket as well. The adjustable carrying system, along with the wooden frame, are design highlights and make carrying heavy loads less taxing. It is also made from G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco material, so shares durability with the Kaipak models. The Keb comes in two different sizes, the 52 and the 72, this model is the smaller of the two. The Keb is a backpack you could take with you all year round on a multi-day adventure.  


Ted’s Review: Abisko Friluft 35

Last but not least, we have to talk about the Abisko Friluft 35. This backpack also has multiple compartments for organising gear while packing - it has openings on the side, on the back, and on the top. You can open the Abisko Friluft up completely, so you can get a clear view of everything that you packed for the trek. Another highlight feature on this backpack is the back panel which is made out of mesh, this means there is a lot of airflow to your back while you are trekking. So it is particularly suited to warm weather trekking. The Abisko Friluft comes in two sizes - the 35 and 45. It is suited for a one or two day adventure, and perfect for trips where you would stay in a cabin or another prepared rest station. These are just a few examples of the backpacks, that you can choose from, for your warm weather trek. All three are well suited for differing lengths of treks in a warm climate. It all depends on the type of adventure that you are planning. It’s always important to consider the materials used, the features and functionality that are important to you, and of course, the comfort level and carrying system. Remember to take good care of your backpack by regularly cleaning and maintaining it to keep your trekking backpack your constant companion for many years to come. Now you have a great starting point, from Ted’s reviews, to decide on your next backpack.
April 01, 2021