ZEROVITY™ Flip Flop Tan


TAW&TOE ZEROVITY™ Flip Flop Bio is made by injection method using eco-friendly bio-based TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) material, which is softer to the touch and more durable than ordinary flip flops. Light weight and impact-defying cushioning speed recovery for tired feet. With an integrated structure with a thick strap, it is a product that balances design and technique.

Eco-friendly materials embody TAW&TOE's unique design and color,
and flexible and resilient physical properties.

  • - Globally certified bio-based material
  • - Application of ZEROVITY™ technology as the core of comfort
  • - Outsole bottom wave pattern supports stable walking
  • - Premium shamud logo tag with soft texture

All TAW&TOE Shoes product made from Bio Based Materials.

Why Bio-Based Materials? Bio Based Product means the product made from plants such as sugar cane, castor beans, renewable industrial materials and replacements of petrochemical products. We gradually replace petrochemical materials with renewable materials to reduce carbon dioxide generation and reduce greenhouse effects.