Waterproof Unit Gear Bag 110


A multifunctional storage bag, the Waterproof Unit Gear Bag 110 can be used for gear storage or as a camp sink.  The watertight, EVA bottom is topped with a mesh lid and dual, durable handles.  The Waterproof Unit Gear Bag 110 easily inserts into any IGT frame for a single unit storage or wash option. 

Please note, the EVA bottom is waterproof, but the mesh lid will still allow water to pass through


  • Store Camping Tools & Dry Kitchen Goods

  • Can Be Used a Sink for IGT Table Sets


  • EVA

  • PVC Mesh

  • Nylon Tape

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Size:L 14.1" W 9.8" H 4.3"