Mt. Oyama is the main peak, Mt. Oyama 3,003m, Mt. Jodo, 2,831m Betsuyama 2,880m

It is one of the three major sacred mountains in Japan, and it is said that it was opened in 701, and it seems that the Tateyama worship flourished in the Edo period, and climbers climbed one after another.

How many climbers have climbed the mountain so far? When you think about it, there is a lot of history, and it is very mysterious.

We expressed such winter in Tateyama with navy and gray.

▼ Specifications
It is a polyester material that cuts ultraviolet rays, has good breathability, and is a reversible mesh that absorbs water and dries quickly and is perfect for climbing and exercising.

Since ink penetrates the fibers by sublimation transfer printing, the characteristics of the mesh material fabric are utilized, and the printing surface is also breathable.

▼ Material

▼ Size
Even adults may be just the right kids size, so please check the size chart.
The women's size is a particular pattern designed with a neckline that produces a beautiful décolleté line, a narrow neck rib, and a silhouette unique to women from sleeve length to body width.

Length 65 68 71 74

Width 48 51 54 57

Shoulder width 45 47 49 51

Sleeve length 20 21 22 23