Tabi Grip Socks Quarter

Tabi type socks made in Japan equipped with functions linked with KEEN NEWPORT

  • Tabi-shaped socks that work in conjunction with the three-dimensionally molded NEWPORT footbed to further improve the mobility, stability, and operability of the thumb.
  • The sole, toe and heel are blended with non-slip yarns for excellent grip
  • By arranging piles that match the silhouette of NEWPORT, cushioning is added and stress when bungee cords are tightened is reduced.
  • The fingertips adopt a NEWPORT design reminiscent of toe protection.
  • Versatile crew length
  • Multiple grooves are provided on the upper part of the ankle to suppress wrinkles in the fabric and reduce stress when worn.
  • RECOVER's eco-material, which is a blend of cotton yarn recycled from old clothes and polyester yarn recycled from recycled PET bottles.
  • Weight: 80G/PAIR
  • S: 23-25/M: 25-27/L: 27-29cm
  • 50% recycled cotton, 47% recycled PET, 3% other