Kyoto's popular brand SOU・SOU,
Collaboration with POKETLE®, made in Kyoto!

New product of POKETLE series
with the textile design of SOU・SOU


Soup bottle that is perfect for powdered soup freeze-dried. The capacity is 160ml.
For lunch to the outdoors. A soup bottle that can be used in a wide range of situations.

Of cause it is good for coffee or soft drink 

SIZE H90×W65mm
CAPACITY 160ml / 5.4oz
WEIGHT 155g 
Heat-retaining effect 48°C or above (6 hours)
Cold-retaining effect below 14°C or below (6 hours)
INNER BOTTLE stainless steel 
TRUNK stainless steel
CAP polypropylene resin
PACKING silicone rubber
BOTTOM COVER silicone rubber