Snoopy Washable Carry Cart

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The fabric can be removed and washed whole! A carry cart that can easily carry a lot of luggage

Carry carts designed by Snoopy and Woodstock. It's easy to carry a lot of luggage for camping and BBQ.

The luggage compartment can be removed and washed.

The fabric can be removed from the main body and washed completely, so it remains clean and clean at any time. Outdoor dirt doesn't bother you either.

Easy-to-handle size for daily use

It is a moderate size and can be conveniently used not only for camping but also for picnics.

Easy to assemble and withdraw with one action!

One-action opening and closing that is easy for women to assemble.

Diamond-shaped block tires that capture the ground

The tires have a diamond-shaped pattern that captures slippery ground firmly.

Slim storage

When folded, it becomes a slim storage form, so it does not take up much storage space.

Total weight: (approx.) 8.8kg Size: (approx.) length 100× width 51× height 56cm Luggage compartment size: (approx.) length 82× width 42× depth 30cm Capacity: (approx.) 103L
Storage size: (Approx.) Length 51×Width 81× Height 24cm

capacity: (Approx.) 100kg

Main material: [Frame] steel [Fabric] Polyester (PVC coated)
[Bottom plate] MDF

[Wheels] PVC
Performance / Features:
・ The fabric can be removed and washed
・ You can carry your luggage together

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