Slackline BF - Taupe

$54.50 $109.00

SHAKA sports sandals equipped with BF SOLE, which is thin but has high resilience EVA midsole and excellent cushioning. The simple design and nimble gait make it perfect not only for outdoor activities but also for city wear.

SLACKLINE BF equipped with BF SOLE with the theme of comfort to grab the ground barefoot. Although it has a simple tongs structure, it can be adjusted with adjusters in various places, and one tape running in the center is associated with SLACKLINE. It is a model that pursues not only design but also ease of wearing, with supple and thick nylon tape that feels good on the skin and makes it easy to put your feet in.


Plain instep: Polypropylene * BLACK only recycled PET polyester

Bottom: Synthetic bottom

Pattern Instep: Polyester Bottom: Synthetic bottom

*Unisex sizing, kindly refer to Size Chart in Gallery*


Equipped with a thin "BF" sole.

BF means BAREFEET [barefoot], and by fitting the midsole flat into the rubber cup-shaped outsole that is formed as thin as possible, it expresses the direct comfort of grasping the ground with barefoot. Not only is it thin, but it also has a high-resilience EVA midsole for high cushioning, and it is a structure that does not get tired even if you wear it for a long time.