Rocky Stretch Little - Linen


SHAKA sports sandals for children that are ideal for the feet of children who run around vigorously. SHAKA sandals are recommended for parent-child coordination and are perfect not only for outdoor activities but also for city wear.

SHAKA's kids model has been updated, and "Rocky Stretch Little" is based on the reprint model ROCKY STRETCH. The oblique toe, which is easy to put in and puts less strain on the child's foot, and the cup-shaped midsole have greatly improved footing. Safety is also taken into consideration by covering the instep with neoprene from the toes.

The velcro on the ankle holds it firmly while maintaining the design of sports sandals and the comfort of wearing it, making it ideal for children running around. SHAKA sandals are also recommended for matching outfits with parents, siblings and friends.


Instep: Polypropylene * Only BLACK is recycled PET Polyester

Bottom: Synthetic bottom 



LITTLE exclusive outsole with shark tooth grip on the entire surface. The wide oblique toe and cup-shaped midsole make it easy to put on and take off without stress. Recycled PET WEBBING TAPE.


"WALK THE SUSTAINABLE WAY" SHAKA takes the first step in its sustainable efforts. The most produced standard BLACK polypropylene (webbing) tape is made from recycled polyester fiber recycled from used PET bottles that has passed the GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARD examination.