"would like to drink real coffee anytime, anywhere"
It is produced with POKETLE® brand philosophy of "ONLY THE NECESSARY"!

This coffee kit is produced from a collaboration between Toyo Steel, which has been making high-quality metal tool boxes for over 50 years, and Pocketle, which created the mini-bottle boom.
It will be a special kit, makes you enjoy coffee life 
For not only travel, camping , outdoor but also in the house.
Keeping the brand philosophy of POKETLE®
 The coffee mills are produced  in Tsubamesanjo, Niigata, known as the "hardware town" to be carefully made one by one.

The pocket-sized, ultra-compact COFFE MILL is only this original kit

<Set contents>
・Tool box (beige/black)
・ Pocket S Silver 1
・One pocket S charcoal gray (beige if the box is black)
・Pocket Clear Silver x 1
・Pocket dripper for bottles
・Coffee mill (with special purse)
・Stand (wooden)
・Stand stopper

Size (when stored in steel box): W290 x H105 x D150mm
Weight: 1.7kg

Toolbox: About width 290mmx depth 150mmx height 105mm
Toolbox mat: about width 740mm x height 410mm
Pocket 120S: Approx. diameter 45mm x height 143mm, diameter 32mm
Dripper: about 95mm in diameter x 80mm in height
Coffee mill: about 46mm in diameter x 108mm in height
Drawstring bag for coffee grinder: about 130mm wide x 190mm high
Stand (wooden): about width 215mmx depth 100mmx height 10mm
Stand stopper: about width 160mmx depth 200mmx height 16mm
Gross Weight: 1.7kg

・Coffee mill
Can be disassembled and washed. (Please dry completely after washing)
Cannot be used in a dishwasher. Boiling sterilization, high-temperature washing of the outer surface of the lid is not possible.
・Pocketle 120S
Do not use in dishwasher, microwave oven, refrigerator or freezer. Boiling sterilization, soak washing, high temperature washing of the lid are not possible. Do not use chlorine bleach, thinner, benzine, metal scrubber, polishing powder, or cleanser.