RYU AMBE, a character designer who grew up in Kanagawa Shonan and Chigasaki.
Collaborations with many appare+ le shops and musicians
First collaboration project with RYU!
He drew an illustration with Kyoto as a motif.
Online shop limited sales,
Delivered in RYU AMBE series limited package!

Developed for use scenarios within the range of action of 30 minutes ~ 1 hour,
A bottle that fits in your pocket. The capacity is 120 ml and the size of a cup.
For hydration during the commute! For walking! For cycling! For those who have regular medicine!
A pocket that supports your health in every scene.

size H131×W45mm
caliber 33mm
Contents 120ml
weight 115g
Heat retention effect 44 degrees Celsius or higher (6 hours)
Cold insulation effect 12 degrees or less (6 hours)
Inner bin stainless steel 
Torso stainless steel 
cover Polypropylene (inside) / Stainless steel (outside)
Packing Silicone rubber
Bottom cover Silicone rubber
Country of origin China