Nalgene x Manastash Tritan Bottle 1.0L


Nalgene x Manastash Collaboration

Nalgene is an American-born storage container. It was developed for outdoor use based on the container used by scientists for research. It is a large original cap and is characterized by high airtightness without packing. It is attractive that it does not leak easily even if it moves in the bag, and the odor does not easily transfer.

In addition, one of the features is that it has heat resistance and cold resistance that can withstand temperatures from -20 ° C to 100 ° C. You can also pour boiling water or freeze your drink. It is said to be 200 times stronger than glass, and it is lightweight and portable. Since it does not contain BPA (bisphenol A) that affects the human body, it can also be safely used for small children.


Height 20.5
Diameter 8.8