By Cayl

Made from a Merino Wool core with two strands of nylon filament twisted together. 

Merino Wool is made from Australian Merino Wool.  

17.5 Micron wool of Super Fine grade Merino wool.  

The nylon filament is twisted, which reduces shrinkage due to washing and increases durability. 

* Merino wool features

- Odor suppression function

- Natural quick-drying (less quick-drying than polyester products)

- Provides some warmth even when wet 

The wearing comfort has been improved by applying Odlamp sewing. 

  1. Fabric:  Wool 78% Nylon 22%   160GSM   (17.5 Micron Merino Wool, 20D Nylon) 

              (Wool Mark certified)                    

  1. Weight: 142 g (S size)