Men's Uneek Sandal - Koke Green


KEEN teams up with Kyoto-based Loftman to create the latest iteration of our iconic Uneek OG.

The Honbo Garden North Garden in the Tofukuji Temple in Kyoto, where the LOFTMAN store is located, provided design inspiration. The Honbo Garden, which aims to merge Japanese and Western styles with Kyoto's Japanese culture, is divided into four sections and has a check pattern of moss and stone slabs.

This partnership takes on KEEN's popular UNEEK silhouette and incorporates the garden's color palette into the sandal-meets-sneaker upper.

These slaps are also reflected on the shoe's insole and a second pair of laces, which both feature a checkerboard print in a similar color palette.

★ Collaboration with ≪Loftman


UNEEK adapts to your feet for the perfect fit, with innovative two-cord construction and a free-moving cord junction that provides freedom of movement, security and structure. The lightweight midsole delivers durability and comfort, while the higher-traction rubber outsole keeps your step secure. Two cords and a solenow that's UNEEK



This internal support mechanism is anatomically engineered to provide excellent arch support and cradle the natural contours of the foot.



We've turned to nature to eliminate pesticides and biocides from going into the environment. Our footbeds are infused with probiotic technology that naturally breaks down door in sweat without heavy metals or hazardous chemicals.